Bet Sizing Secrets With Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov and Rui 'PepperoniF' Cao

  • Bet Sizing Secrets With Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov and Rui 'PepperoniF' Cao

    November 30, 2017 PokerNews Staff var _facebook_cfg = {lang: 'en_US', appId: '23033572720'} Sharelines

    Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov and Rui "PepperoniF" Cao discuss the topic of bet sizing in NLHE.

    Timofey Kuznetsov and Rui Cao discuss bet sizing preflop/postflop, in cash games/tournaments & more.

    Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov and Rui "PepperoniF" Cao are among the current crop of high-stakes online players achieving consistently successful results, with both often turning up in our regular "Railbird Report."

    The pair recently sat down together to discuss the topic of bet sizing in no-limit hold'em. In the video below they share a number of helpful tips, addressing from a variety of angles what to think about when sizing your bets.

    Both agree that while preflop opens and three-bets tend not to vary that much — albeit position and other factors might introduce some different sizing — how players size their postflop bets serves as a key indicator of what kind of player they are.

    "I think bet sizing postflop is basically the main question or main task of the no-limit hold'em game," says Kuznetsov.

    "It's only the most important question, basically — what are your bet sizes?" he adds.

    From there the pair speak of differing sizes when betting as a bluff and betting for value, with your sizing generally connected to the frequency of your bluffs and value bets.

    That topic then leads to considering when and under what circumstances overbetting on the river as a bluff might be in order. There the decision is largely based on how you've narrowed your opponent's range, and whether or not that range excludes the nuts.

    They move on to talk about bet sizing in cash games versus tournaments, agreeing that bets are typically smaller in the latter.

    "You take less risk in general in tournaments, because your shorter," explains Cao.

    They then address the relative importance of math and reading other players when sizing your bets, concluding that more often than not your bet sizing is going to be tied to how you've understood your opponent's thinking in a hand. Take a look:

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